Work smarter with accessible data in the cloud

With Omnix, you have the option to run your business remotely, from anywhere in the world. And when data is fluid and accessible, the possibilities are endless.

Omnix Retails

₦7,000/Month | ₦84,000/Year

Features Description
Intuitive Dashboads Business intelligence, quickly go from data to insights to action, visually explore and analyze data
Inventory Goods Received Notes, Track inventory movement, Reorder level, Inventory balance, Trendy items, Supplier ledger/History
Sales Point Intuitive Sales Point, Order note, Receipt, Track walking customer sales and registered customer, Registered Customers Account Ledger, Track Sales made by POS, Cash, Bank Transfer, Complimentary, Bad & Damages, Generate Sales document on daily basis or selected date range, Comprehensive sales summary
Debtors/Receivables List (Customers unpaid bills) Generate Debtors based documents, Debtors Ledger/Transaction based document at a selected date or range of date
Creditors/Payables List (Owings) Generate Creditors based documents, Creditors Ledger/Transaction based document at a selected date or range of date
Expenses Post Daily expenses with ease
Item Management Create/edit Unlimited Items, Set/edit Price
User Management Create/edit/disable Users,Assign Modules & Set privilege (Default users: 5 - ₦500/Month per additional user)
Branch/Location Management Multi-Branch management for managing a network of branches –harmonise/consolidate data and make it available to business owners at the comfort of their office (Default Location: 1 - ₦7,000/Month per additional Branch/Location)
Currency Management Create/edit currencies, set a primary currency
Asset Schedule Assets management, Set Assets Depreciation Percentage, Monthly asset auto depreciation using the set percentage, generate Depreciation document
VAT/Tax Generate VAT document
Final Accounts Generate Account ledgers,Trail Balance, Generate Consolidated group account: P&L/Statement of Comprehensive Income Statement, Balance Sheet/Statement of Financial Position (all these documents are prepared automatically)
Human Resources Management Staff Management, Income & Deduction Management, Payroll, Payslip, Salary Summary, Deduction Summary
Others ...and many other exciting feature